Twisted Fate

Where goes our right to our children?
They are gone - stolen away
there is no reason
We have held up our end
of the deal their parents made
We did not know the government
could steal them away

And I swear I will fight
until we right these wrongs
One must struggle for freedom
even up against a throng
Of this worthy goal I will not lose sight
Blame the lawyers for this song

Only justice will set us free

Free to raise our families
Free from judicial tyranny
Free to choose our destiny

Now our little ones must wait
While parents mend their twisted fate
Caused by courts that thrive on hate
Delaying resolutions

They do everything
to avoid peaceful solutions

(family court:)
"You’re not an unfit parent
But regardless I now find
The best interest of this child
Is to leave one parent behind"

"But judge that makes no sense
You can’t do that to me"

"Well if I treated you fairly
There’d be no reward for me"

We’ll get back to our destiny
Where we’re free to raise our families
We’ll get back to our destiny
Back to fundamental liberty

So many children suffering
So much torture and mental cruelty
So much ruthless inhumanity
So much Kafkaesque insanity

Where goes our right to our children

We’ll get back to our destiny