State of Denial

I'm looking for a leader who'll practice what he preaches
I'm tired of folks being fooled by a politician's pretty speeches
We're being led by liars trying to destroy our nation
We'd rather hear sweet lying than face the situation

They create the enemies so they can go to war
Then make up excuses about what we're fighting for
How many years in Afghanistan? How many in Iraq?
How much longer ‘til we’re fed up with being led by fascist maniacs?

We’re in a state of denial

I want to see elections with no private contributions
No more millions spent on advertising in a system of prostitution
Private campaign money means rule by the rich
Until we end that atrocity, democracy is in a ditch

We’re fed the news by liars who present us with false choices
Just more corporate puppets, no real honest voices
They present fake news, peddle drugs and deal in mind control
They’re sycophantic press-titutes who want to steal your soul

Another media circus by fascist engineers
Another counterfeit election, four more wasted years
When will people wake up and take back our nation
With free and fair elections for Freedom's restoration

We're in a state of denial

I want to see elections with no private contributions
We The People own the airways, at least we’re supposed to
I want to break the silence, I want to end the fears
I'm tired of folks who keep hiding when the truth reaches their ears

You tell people how we’re being taken down
They won’t accept they’re in danger
Pull back the curtain on the wizard of oz
But they’re too pacified to feel anger

We're in a state of denial
Wake up from the state of denial