Not About a Virus

Folks are being fooled by globalist insanity
They’ve declared a war against all humanity
Folks are being fooled watching fake news
They’re being mind-controlled into idiocracy
They tricked ‘em with the lockdowns but that was just a ruse
For a major offensive on the world economy

It's not about a virus
It's about man playing god
It’s about depopulation
By getting you to take a shot
The shot is not a vaccine
It’s a satanic deception
It’s a trojan horse attacking you
With a deadly bio-weapon

They tricked ‘em with the mask into wearing dirty face rags
Those were just placeholders to make you take the jabs
Folks are being fooled tricked into compliance
By covid evangelists who claim to have the science
If you try to have discussion no debating is allowed
You’re labeled an extremist by the obedient crowd
They want to inject you for what’s no deadlier than flu
Forever change your DNA with a toxic nano tech brew
If you want a safe option those are disallowed
If you try to sue big pharma your claim is disavowed
They see you as cattle you have no human right
You’re just a useless eater a worthless parasite
You gotta take a stand refuse to be compliant
Demand your human rights to the tyrant be defiant
This is spiritual war the devil wants you dead
Don’t be a lazy sheep you’ve gotta use your head
If you wanna be free
Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it
We’re facing Armageddon but with God we can defeat it