Lost In Space

I am lost in space
I’d like to visit this place
And try to justify its existence
It seems to be such a disgrace

And I am lost in space

I don’t want to hear about the economy
Interest rate inflation or the GNP
Or other such measures of stupidity
Tell me ‘bout hunger and the misery

Cause I am lost in space

Quantity versus quality
It don’t take a flood to make a waterfall pretty

I got high hopes for S.E.T.I.
But I don’t think the planet is ready
Why should we be recognized
Our troubles are still too many

Big banks and corporations
Are strangling the nations
They lie, kill, steal and war profiteer
To enslave us with globalization

And I am lost in space

We’re livin’ in a world divided
But we don't know what Old Glory's worth
We've got to follow the Constitution
To be patriots to the Earth

And try to stay lost in space
I’m goin’ to try to stay lost in space