Live Stream It

They live stream the streets
They live stream the police
They spy on us everywhere
How ‘bout we live stream our leaders

Live stream the courts
Live stream every hearing
Live stream judges chambers
What could they be fearing

Live stream it
Every courtroom
Live stream it
To your living room

Live stream public servants
Live stream legislators
Live stream all officials
Who put our lives in danger

They all work for us
So what's the big deal
Let's stop the injustice
With rule by We the People

Live stream it
Every meeting room
Live stream it
And archive it too

They got cameras on us
How ‘bout we start watching them
Shine a light in the darkness
Stop the tyrannical mayhem

Expose all the evil
Financial rape of the people
All the secret corporate dealing
The enslaving and the stealing

Live stream it
It's our government
Live stream it
Make it transparent

They can spy through your phone
Inspect you in your home
Know your private information
Know every place you roam

The country's hell-bound
With lawlessness and chaos
Let's turn the cameras around
Show them were the boss

Live stream it
Let's stop the cheatin'
Live stream it
Expose all the treason