Jail For Judges

A judge steals your child and makes your life a mess
You think that you've got freedom to petition for redress
You're all torn up inside and filled with rage
You're sure a higher court will see it your way

+Welcome to family court injustice

Your friends come along to lend a helping hand
The judge closes the hearing, your friends are banned
You need to have a record so you motion to record
The judge denies your motion says "whatcha need that for?"
You need a jury trial he rejects your demand
Nobody's going to upset his treasonous plan
You know that you've got a rock solid case
But more and more it feels like it's just a fixed race
You hang on to a hope for some reason and peace
Then they order psych evals from secular priests
You expect the court to follow rules of fairness
Instead you're sidetracked into a pyscho wilderness

*It’s time to jail some judges

Your right to privacy is now just a joke
Your private life is put under a microscope
You've got no freedom of religion and speech
You can't train your child about your beliefs
You provide for your child but now they pretend
You're a deadbeat parent so they hit you again
The child needs support so now you're forced to pay
If you don't pay extortion the jail's where you'll stay
By now it should be clear though it’s hard to believe
Judge impostors hold our courts under siege
They reject the Constitution on which the courts are based
We’re gonna be enslaved until we jail those beasts