Divorce Industry Blues

Divorce industries keep on thrivin'
Crooked judges and attorneys keep conivin'
Bogus charges presumed to be true
They justify kidnappin' by demonizin' you

Now family courts trash the Constitution
Terrorizin' a holy institution
Attackin' families - tearin' them apart
They're breakin childrens' - and parents' hearts

They break your heart then force you into debt
They beat you down then put gun to your head
Make you a slave - yeah an economic tool
To assimilate you - under fascist rule

They terminate your parenthood and home
They take everything then toss you a bone
Give you a new name - you're now a visitor
They’ll put you in jail ‘til you bow before their altar

* We gotta take back the courts
We gotta have jury trials
We gotta end secret hearings
With cameras in every courtroom

You try to be the mom or dad you used to be
Kids start to wonder why you get a little edgy
Their other parent says something’s wrong with you
They blind their eyes from real truth
How they exploited the system - to get custody

Attorneys can't win unless somebody loses
They've got no use for peaceful resolutions
They get paid to pin a tail on the donkey
To make a innocent parent look guilty

How do we put an end to the corruption?
No civil rights - due process or equal protection
Equal custody's the only solution
It’s your God-given right - under the Constitution

And just how much does the government owe?
To those of us whose children they stole
For going bankrupt and time in debtor's prison
Fighten' for justice - exiled from our children