BARbarians are running our court system
Congress pays the states based on numbers of kids
They place in foster care or take away from mom or dad
CPS, psychologists and family court attorneys make
Their living off of making good parents look bad

They run secret courts to keep their crimes hidden
There’s no due process only pirates and their minions
It’s a kangaroo court your rights are forbidden
They traffick in your children incentivized by billions

BARbarians are running our court systems
BARbarians denying us our freedoms
Crooked judges acting under color of law
Rape fit parents of their rights by stealing their kids
In panicked desperation and grasping at straws
They hire attorneys to fix what the crooked judge did

BARbarians complicatin’ procedural law
BARbarians kill the Spirit of the Common Law
Judges and attorneys are members of the BAR
With titles of nobility they’re called esquires
They’re loyal to the court they’re loyal to each other
They’re firefighters profiting from starting the fires

BARbarians are modern day pharisees
BARbarians designing ways to get legal fees
For what should be simple cases for a just solution
They play word games with statutes that ignore the Constitution
They make money keepin’ folks in a state of confusion
And turn your local court into a house of prostitution