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"You sound like Leo Kottke"
Paige Powell, S.A.W.

"You sound like Mark Knopfler"

"Nice, complimentary music"
[instrumentals for restaurant]
"You're welcome to come back and play." Dr Baruch Ben Yahudah, owner
Evolve Restaurant, D.C.

I can perform either or both:
1 - Original instrumental 12 string and classical guitar tunes
2 - Patriotic blues and rock songs with a message against tyranny with recorded accompaniment  (bass and percussion)

I’ve played guitar for over 40 years.  I started playing trumpet in 5th grade and was in band class each year through high school.  My first job at 16 was in a record store in the early 70s where I was immersed in rock, Motown, folk, and jazz music.  The guitar teacher there and I were good friends and spent hundreds of hours together playing blues, jazz and rock.  I learned guitar and bass simultaneously, and was bass player for his band.

It’s taken decades to develop my own style and I’ve been composing instrumental guitar tunes for many years. 

My rock and blues songs express my own experiences with our corrupt family court system and government in general. I believe music is a vehicle to increase awareness of problems and solutions in these troubled times.  

Instrumentals &
Solo Guitar Tunes

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4D Vision
Liberty Calling
Free Indeed
40 Acres
Full Dream
Grand Canyon
Wake Up


Songs with a Message
Against Tyranny

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Big Black Robe
Divorce Industry Blues
Do What You Gotta Do
Forget the World
Jail for Judges
Live Stream It
Lost in Space
Silent Screams
State of Denial
Ten Times Wiser
Trickle Down Blues
Twisted Fate
Weapons of Distraction


I play 12 string acoustic/electric, electric  & bass guitars, harmonica & trumpet

Looking For: 1) lead/rhythm guitarist/bassist, finger style a big plus or 2) bassist, 3) drummer

To play my message songs and/or original instrumentals, and/or classic rock, 60s oldies, jazz

  Informational Websites:

Are you awake?

Family Court Victim?